Women's Competition

We are trialing a Women's 8-aside club competition in the next months (Semester 2 - 2018) to grow our domestic game. There will be three games over a 5 week period on Sundays from 10am to noon.

The game dates will be the 26th of August and 9th/23rd September, with combined training days on the two Sundays in between.

The games will be at UNSW Village Green Oval on campus. You will be drafted into one of two clubs (our foundation club at UNSW led by Bec Putna or a Sydney Monstars Squad coached by Clare Stewart-Hunter).

If keen (of course you are) please sign up using the link below. The competition is for free for all UNSW Lacrosse members. Joining the UNSW Lacrosse Club is for free - sounds like a good deal to us.