Rules for the Social Competition


Field of play & teams

1. The field of play is marked with white lines. The crease is the white arc in front of goal.

2. Maximum players from a team on the court at any one time is 4 players plus a goalkeeper (i.e. 5 on court). There is no limit on substitutes.

3. A game consists of two 20 minutes halves with a running clock.

4. There are no time outs.

5. To restart play after a goal all players must retire to their defensive halves before play resumes. Ball starts with the goalie on the referees whistle.


Rules of the game

1. Maximum 4 seconds in possession of the ball

2. No player apart from the defensive goalie is permitted in the goal crease (i.e. players are not allowed in their own defensive crease)

3. One on one ground ball contents only (if a second player from the same team contests the loose ball it is awarded to the other team)

4. No stick checking or body checking

5. No overguarding. When defending the stick must remain on the vertical plane (i.e. the stick cannot be angled toward the player with the ball)

6. Except for after a shot, when the ball goes out of bounds the ball is awarded to the team that did not last touch the ball. After a shot the ball is awarded to the player who is closest to where the ball went out when it went out (including following deflections). To restart play the player must be inside the white lines and be given two metres free space.

7. A player who takes possession of the ball in their defensive half cannot score a goal in that possession

8. To be eligible for the points a team needs to have 4 of their registered players (we arrange substitute players so that all games go ahead)